EP 70 – Helping People Around the World Reach their Fitness Goals

A great coach not only inspires but supports and encourages others to get results. A coach will impact more people in a year than most people do in a lifetime. Meet Hasnain, one of our qualified personal trainers, with his own company named National Personal Training. He is an expert bodybuilding athlete with a track […]

EP 69 – Students go to Fitness Republic for its Safe Environment

Fitness has no age. It is better to start young to get a healthy daily routine. Get up, move, & clear your mind.  Abbas & Haydar are two high school students from Merrylands High School, who gym at Fitness Republic after school. They shared how they thought the gym would be a scary place, filled […]

EP 67 – Fitness Saved My Life

What most people look for in the gym are quick fixes, the fastest way to lose weight, or short-term goals. In reality, fitness isn’t a seasonal hobby. There are no shortcuts. Fitness is a lifestyle. Claudius, one of our self-motivated members, shares why he invested in his health and fitness. Bullied as a kid, he […]

EPISODE 66 – Fitness Republic

  See the transcript below. My name is Mahassen, I have two children and the classes are very convenient because I get to drop them off to school and come straight here. At FitRep, they have a women’s only section and have access to a lot of equipment in there.  I like it because it […]

EPISODE 65 – Fitness Republic

  See the transcript below. Hi Guys, Tariq from Fitness Republic Merrylands. Here we have two of our favorite members.  My name is Noah, I’m 15 years old. I go to Salamah College in Chester Hill. I’m Sweed, I’m 15 and I go to Salamah College as well. Every week we do Monday, chest and […]

EPISODE 64 – Fitness Republic

See the transcript below. I’ve got a company called Mr. Potato. We supplied takeaway shops RSL’s School Canteens. When I started here, I was only doing cardio for approximately 5-10 minutes and I was puffed out. Now I could pretty much go for half an hour, and I can do a lot more. I feel […]

EPISODE 63 – Fitness Republic

See the transcript below. There’s days where I’m just jam-packed. I don’t have time to fit in a 40-minute training session.  But I know at the end of the day, I’ve done 200 Pull Ups 300 dips, and 1000 Push-ups. So, training was like a way for me to keep my mindset straight. I got […]

EPISODE 62 – Fitness Republic

See the transcript below. Hi Guys, Welcome to FitRepMade. My name is Caroline and I’m the manager here at Fitness Republic Condell Park. And here we have Anna. She’s our childminder. So hey, Anna,  How did you hear about us? I heard from my granddaughter. She recommended me to come here because she said you’re […]